Monday April 6th and Tuesday April 7th, 2020

We would like to invite you all to go to Moab, Utah on Saturday and Sunday April 6th to the 9th, and enjoy the backcountry of the beautiful red rock country of Utah.  The practical skills session will be primarily on Monday April 8th, with an optional geology hike on Tuesday morning. We have reserved Goose Island A and B campsite for everyone to camp for Saturday April 6th through and Monday nights April 8th. We reserved it for a few days early, so that you can go down early if you want and enjoy Moab.   It is only 1.4 miles up river from Hwy 191.  It will take about 5 - 10 minutes to get there from downtown Moab. It can accommodate everyone in the course.  It is very close to Grandstaff (Negro Bill) Canyon.  There are toilets there and water.. It is an improved campground with shade covering.  It will be warm weather but cool at nights. 

Note:  Please take as few cars as possible.  There is room for people but not for everyone's cars.  Also try to be quiet. 

For more information on what to see, and where to stay click the button below.

Moab Monday Schedule

Moab Schedule.jpg

All students must attend one of the practical skill sessions and then one other.  Be sure and bring food and water.  If you are not an experienced climber, you can still take the climbing sessions as many people will climb for the first time.  Dinner is at rotary park.  There are meat and non-meat meals.  You cannot have alcohol in Rotary Park.